The OSE has been awarded with the Fundación Duques de Soria Prize for International Hispanism

The prize recognizes “Nuevos espacios del español en Europa” as the most promising academic project related to international hispanism, comprised of two Heidelberg University and the University of Zurich initiatives: the international research network Spanish in Europe, made up of more than 70 researchers from around 50 European universities and institutions, and the recently created Observatory of Spanish in Europe.

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On 16.04.24 Dr. Maria Polinsky (University of Maryland) joins Heidelberg University colleagues to discuss heritage languages. The event, organized by the OSE, gathers language researchers from Heidelberg Center for Ibero-American Studies (HCIAS), Institute for German as a Foreign Language (IDF), Institute for Translating and Interpreting (IÜD), and the Department of Romance Studies (RoSe).

Presentation: Special publication The Spanish in Europe

Watch the presentation of the special volume of Archiletras Científica, dedicated to the Spanish in Europe.


Listen to OSE’s Héctor Álvarez guest speaking on Todo es Lenguaje, a segment of the program Gente Despierta hosted by linguist Dr. Estrella Montolío. They talk about the demography of Spanish in Europe.